Saturday, April 9, 2011

Retrospectology #1 - the stethoscope

They passed out stethoscopes, and I didn’t know who they were.  Like how you show up for football practice and they just start hanging gear on you.  Somebody slipped us freebies before we had any concept of industry swag.  Slick.  

I walked home sometime in August 1991 with it slung around my neck looking like every hospital employee except a surgeon.  (Surgeons don't carry them, I would learn.)  I listened to my heart for half an hour, then my neck, chest, belly.  Next I put it on the wall and listened to the neighbors’ domestic dispute.  Then I used the stethoscope to pick a combo safe with a huge diamond in it.  Kidding.

Got the short white coat, the ear-&-eye looker.  Rubber hammer.  Tuning fork – which amplifies very well pressed against the body of an acoustic guitar.  With each piece of equipment I felt more like a… trick-or-treater.  I dreaded having to give all this stuff away when they realized I was a fraud. 

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