Saturday, April 9, 2011


I must start a blog.  An online persona has become necessary for several reasons:
1.     Blogger envy.
2.     I have a whole website to promote at, whose mission, vision, and values are important to me:
3.     Too many complaints about my offline persona.  Start fresh.

In the first year of med school, I tried for extra credit in a psych class by keeping a journal.  A few years later Al Gore invented the internet, and I was emailing blurbs about bleeding this, purulent that, suffering here and there.  I therefore already have a blog – I just didn’t know that’s what it was, and the word “blog” kind of sticks in the throat.

Did you watch any Woody Allen movies in high school?  I sat through ten minutes of A Midnight Summer’s Whatever as my parents watched our only TV.  Boring.  A few years later, Sleeper is watchable.  Hit age 40 and Annie Hall is fascinating, hilarious.

In that spirit of changing perspective, I’m digging up old pieces and jogging old memories.  Twenty years have passed since I started med school.  Part of my blog will be retrospectology, the rest, contemporary or atemporary.  I will invent many words as I go.

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